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We provide a 3D Modelling service using AutoDesk's Inventor and AutoCAD Systems.  These can vary from Simple Components to Full Assemblies.

AutoDesk Inventor models can be supplied as Parametric 3D Models, meaning they can be resized and modified within real world parameters after their creation.

3D Models can be converted to other 3D Systems such as Solidworks, but they tend to lose their Parametric Features on Translation meaning existing features of the model cannot be edited.  This translation is both ways - we can open Solidworks Models using Inventor.

This method of modelling also allows for analysis of what would be the final components for manufacture, testing how they move, identifying as many problems as possible on screen before spending money and cutting material.

To find out more please browse the website or contact us.

Background Photo : World Trade Center Path Station New York City.  Taken January 14 2006 T.White

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